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Developed Controls is a family run business run from and operating in London and the South East of England employing engineers with extensive knowledge in Tridium, Distech, Honeywell, Cylon and Trend Building Management control systems. We combine the latest technology with innovative engineering to minimise energy consumption, maximise building services performance, and deliver building environments that are fit for purpose and easy to manage. Our services range from design and consultancy through to improvement projects and ongoing services and support.

Our services include:

The latest in CAD design technology, used in the design of:-

-Control panels-

-Motor Control Centres (MCCs)-

-Motor Control Panels (MCPs)-

 All control panels, and control centers are constructed, built, assembled and tested in-house at our specially equipped workshop in Coggeshall In a wide variety of Forms.

Fully comprehensive and easy to use Operation and Maintenance Manuals, comprising of:-

-Panel wiring diagrams-

-Description of Operation-

-Points lists-

-Manufacturer / supplier details and their literature, where available-

-All BMS test and commissioning / witnessing data-

-Facilities Manager's maintenance schedule-

-Energy Survey Report-

On Site Commissioning comprising of Point to Point Checks, functional checks and energy calculations.

On Site service works where our trained and experienced engineers will check the operation and suitability of all plant. We will carry out energy surveys regularly to report back any potential energy savings that can be achieved on site. Any potential improvements to the clients BMS system will be recommended through our in-depth site report which will be issued back to the client following our site visit.

Off-site remote monitoring and plant optimization where our trained technicians will monitor the building base load and make alterations remotely to reduce the energy consumption of the building whilst maintaining comfort levels and building operation.

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